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Louisiana Firearm Legislation

Posted in Uncategorized  by fir3@rm225
March 12th, 2012

Welcome. Each week, and likely several times a week, I will be updating this page regarding the latest developments at the Louisiana Legislature regarding firearm issues. There will be bill summaries, a little commentary and contact information you can use to reach YOUR legislator to urge them to support or oppose any of the 20+ bills that have already been filed.

For those that are interested, I’m Wade Duty, a Baton Rouge gun range co-owner (Precision Firearms & Indoor Range), lawyer, lobbyist and NRA firearms instructor. In short, I should know what I’m talking about though that might not always seem to be the case.

Through this medium I’ll bring you what is happening relative to our firearm interests but this will NOT be another one of those chatrooms where we all just whine about the great injustices being heaped upon us yet accomplish nothing. I encourage all of you to get involved in a responsible manner and contact your legislators. They work for you or at least that is what the state constitution says.

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